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All of us are experienced pros from big business. We've worked with talented people, top technologies and premier partners. So the odds are better than good that we've encountered your challenge before...even several times. This means we're uniquely equipped (far better than most) at helping you see around corners - avoid pitfalls and capitalize on opportunities others don't know exist.

Hard to fit 60+ combined years of a-list experience on a single page, so here's a small sample of our work. Learn more about our achievements here.

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Social Advertising - "Paid Social"

Scenario: Global health and wellness company intended to increase customer acquisition for an online subscription product using social media (Facebook & Instagram). After several months working with a large multi-national agency, marketing leaders questioned whether social advertising could be a feasible channel for profitability and growth.

Results: In just the first month, JONO reduced the cost per order by a whopping 75% while doubling media spend compared to the previous partner – that’s a 733% increase in order volume! For the next 16 consecutive weeks, JONO maintained this performance while achieving the cost per order (COAC/CPA) goal each week.


How it Happened

-  Implemented new Facebook ads methodology, replaced the antiquated “spray and pray” approach

-  Significantly enhanced omni-channel attribution

-  Leveraged nuances of Facebook campaign types, bidding and measurement

-  Produced new video assets tailored to Facebook advertising best practices 

-  Continuously optimized campaign health: audiences, bidding/budgeting, creative assets

* examples below from team members in previous roles